Department Overview

The renowned Mount St. Joseph University Department of Art & Design offers degrees in art education, fine arts, and graphic design. We also offer minors in art, art history, graphic design, and photography. These advanced programs of study offer many opportunities for customization and specialization. Our highly accomplished faculty is committed to helping you reach your fullest potential so that you may achieve your goals upon graduation. The Mount Art & Design programs are not cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all. At the Mount, we want you to be you.

Department Statistics

100% 3-Year Career Outcomes Rate - School of Arts and Humanities
$11,000 in Art Scholarships Available
$500 Art Guild Award Available

Art & Design Majors

  Art Education

In addition to the theory and practice of current approaches to teaching in diverse settings, the Art Education program offers an intensive study of the visual arts through studio courses, art history and art criticism.

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  Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Program is designed for the creative person seeking a career in the highly diverse fields of the visual arts.

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  Graphic Design

Graphic design students discover a wealth of opportunities to explore and develop their creative spirit. 

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Art & Design Minors

  Art Minor

A minor in Art will discover a wealth of opportunities to explore and develop their artistic abilities.

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  Art History Minor

Art History gives students an appreciation for the long and varied history of visual communication.

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  Graphic Design Minor

Our Graphic Design minor is a perfect option for creative individuals interested in augmenting their areas of study.

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  Photography Minor

A minor in photography teaches you to communicate visually.

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Each spring, senior art & design students execute comprehensive degree projects. These intensive experiences are the culmination of studies in the students’ major areas of concentration. This final exhibition highlights their achievements and serves as a bridge to professional careers in the visual arts and design.

Graphic Design, Fine Art, and Art Education Seniors:


Adrian Vance Hawk

High Climber

Adrian Vance Hawk ’07, Art Educator, Milford, OH

As an art teacher and artist, Adrian Vance Hawk ’07 encourages her young students to express themselves through their work, just as she expresses her own love of nature in her artwork. A focus on the environment, an appreciation for the outdoors, and a love of art has helped guide Hawk in her career. In her early years teaching in New Richmond near Cincinnati, she helped launch community art nights, an art club, recycling club, and a green team. 

MSJ Art and Design students:

  • Engage in the creative process to solve problems, communicate ideas, express feelings, and create experiences.
  • Learn to use the latest digital technologies and traditional methods to turn their ideas into professional quality 2D images and 3D structures.
  • Develop the ability to identify the formal, technical, and expressive elements in art and design pieces.
  • Understand and appreciate the historical, social, and cultural contexts in both past and present art and design works.
  • Are well prepared to begin rewarding careers in art education, graphic design, or the visual arts upon graduation.
  • Are thoroughly equipped for additional study at the graduate level.


Kurt Grannan with Graphic Design class


Our highly accomplished faculty is committed to helping you reach your fullest potential so that you may achieve your goals upon graduation. The Department of Art & Design faculty are highly qualified professionals dedicated to preparing future artists and designers for the dynamic creative environment.

Art & Design Full-Time Faculty

Swati Chopra

MDes Assistant Professor

Kurt Grannan

MFA Associate Professor

Michaelann Kelley

Ed. D. Chair and Assistant Professor

Loyola Walter

MFA Associate Professor

Emily Wiethorn

MFA Assistant Professor

Art & Design Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty

Martha Carroll

Adjunct Faculty

Evann Anne Farrell

M.A. Adjunct Faculty

Lauren Gaines

MAA Adjunct Faculty

Susan Lawrence

MA Program Director, Art Education

Tom Tsuchiya

B.A. Adjunct Faculty

Therese Waldbillig

B.F.A. Adjunct Faculty

Art & Design Emeritus Retired Faculty

Gerald Bellas

MFA Faculty Emeritus

Cecelia Dorger

Ph. D.

Dr. Sharon Kesterson Bollen

EdD Professor Emerita

Beth Brann

MDes Professor Emerita

Sylvia Dick

John Griffith

MEd Faculty Emeritus

Pam Korte

Craig Lloyd

MFA Professor Emeritus

Dan Mader

MFA Professor Emeritus

Kathy Salchow

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