Wellness Center at Mount St. Joseph University

Staying both physically and mentally healthy in college and graduate school supports your overall wellbeing, and at Mount St. Joseph University, we are committed to a healthy 'you.'


The Wellness Center Mission Statement

At the Wellness Center, we are committed to creating a warm and inclusive environment where every individual feels valued and supported. We offer comprehensive mental and physical health services, along with innovative programming, to meet the unique needs of the MSJ community. Our dedicated team is here to advocate for you, educate you, and provide compassionate care and treatment. Together, we strive to promote the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, enhancing the overall well-being of our students and the entire campus community.

Hours & Location: We are located in the Harrington Student Center. 

Counseling Center Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (Lunch Hour 12:00pm-1:00pm)

Summer Health Services Hours: 

  • Tuesday: 1:00pm-5:00pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00am-12:00pm
    • Employee Walk-In Hours: 8:00am-9:30am
  • Thursday: 1:00pm-5:00pm

To schedule an appointment, please email Wellness.Center@msj.edu or call 513-244-4949.

Wellness Center 2023-2024 Calendar: View the Wellness Center calendar here.

For questions about Counseling or Health Services please contact:

Jaimi Cabrera
Director of the Wellness Center

Our Resources

Counseling Services

Are you feeling anxious, stressed out, or overwhelmed and want to meet with a counselor? See below to learn about what you can expect, as well as how to sign up for an appointment in Counseling Services.

Health Services

Are you feeling sick and want to meet with a medical provider? See our Health Services below with staff who stand ready to assist.

Crisis Resources

Are you experiencing a crisis or have concerns about a friend or family member? Learn more about our crisis resources below. 

Counseling Services

  What is counseling?

The college experience is an exciting and often stressful experience.  Students are often balancing academic demands with other life roles. 


Students who are new to campus are adjusting to living in a new environment, new friends and academic pressures.  Other students are attending college with a pre-existing mental health condition. 


Counselors and Social Workers are available to assist you with the adjustment to college, relationship difficulties and developing skills to manage mental health symptoms that interfere with your academic, social or work functioning. 


Counselors and Social Workers provide a confidential, non-judgmental environment to assist you to increase self-understanding, learn healthy ways express and manage difficult emotions, access on and off campus resources, and learn and practice skills to support the change you are seeking.

  How do I get started?

Please complete the New Client Paperwork form and the CCAPS assessment here to begin the process.  It should take about 15 minutes to complete the paperwork.


For additional questions, email the Wellness Center at Wellness.Center@msj.edu or call 513-244-4949.

  I am seeking virtual counseling services.



Beginning July 1, 2024, The Mount is excited to partner with Uwill Student Mental Health & Wellness to provide Free Immediate access to Teletherapy, Crisis Support & Wellness.


 Services available include:

  • Umatch: Immediate teletherapy appointment, choose a therapist based on your preference, at a time that fits your schedule (day, night or weekend)
  • Uhelp: Direct crisis connection, 24/7/365
  • Urise: On-demand wellness, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and more

Get started by scanning the Uwill QR Code below and register with your MSJ email. 



  Open Office Hours - 'Let's Talk' Appointment

Let’s Talk is a free and confidential meeting with a MSJ counselor for a brief 30 minute conversation.  Think, open “office hours” for counselors. 


This may be a good choice if:

  • You have never been to counseling and wonder what it would be like to speak to a counselor.
  • You have a specific problem you would like to talk through.
  • You are unsure what resources are available to you.

Is this counseling?

  • This is not a substitute for counseling and is not appropriate for urgent or mental health emergencies.  Please visit our Crisis Resources listed below for urgent or mental health emergencies.
  • Students can schedule a Let’s Talk appointment by calling 513-244-4949, stopping in the Wellness Center during regular business hours or completing the online Let's Talk Consent Form here.
  Have concerns about someone else?

Are you a faculty or staff member who is concerned about a student?  The staff in the Wellness Center are available to meet with you for a consultation to provide information and resources.  Please note that confidentiality is the cornerstone of our work and we are not able to provide any information about current clients without a Release of Information. 


To schedule a time, please email the Wellness Center at Wellness.Center@msj.edu or call 513-244-4949.

  How do I make a referral?

Faculty and staff can make a student referral by completing the online referral form here.  We ask that you notify the student before the referral is made.  Please note that confidentiality is the conerstone of our work and we are not able to provide any information about referrals or current clients without a Release of Information. If you have additional question, please email the Wellness Center at Wellness.Center@msj.edu or call 513-244-4949.

  Off-Campus and Local Community Providers

Are you seeking counseling for yourself or a family member and need information about providers in the community?  For your convenience, the staff in the Wellness Center have compiled this summary of off-campus providers here.


You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to find out if these providers are covered by your insurance network.

  Zen Den

The Zen Den is a dedicated room in the Wellness Center to give students a break from the stress of college life, providing them the opportunity to utilize tools and activities to calm down and reset. The Zen Den offers a variety of tools and activities that are meant to engage and calm the mind.


The space is available to all students and staff on campus.  You do not need to make an appointment, it is first come first serve basis. Find more information on our Zen Den page here.

Health Services

  What Health Services Are Available?

We are excited to announce that the Mount’s Wellness Center will be providing expanded services in partnership with Tri-Health, the largest primary care network in the Greater Cincinnati region, beginning with the 2023-2024 academic year. This new approach to the Mount’s Wellness Center is aligned with the institution’s “student-first” services model.  TriHealth staff will have the autonomy and expertise to provide global outpatient evaluation and treatment for all full-time students on the Mount’s campus, including but not limited to:

  • Sick visits
  • On-site prescriptions for select medications
  • Select immunizations
  • Management for select psychotropic non-scheduled medications
  • Referrals for off-campus intensive and specialized medical care
  • Preventative care programming
  • Significantly increased hours of service availability for students​

Health Services Summer Hours:

  • Tuesday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00am - 12:00pm
    • Employee Walk-In Hours 8:00am - 9:30am
  • Thursday: 1:00pm- 5:00pm

To schedule an appointment, please email the Wellness Center at Wellness.Center@msj.edu or call 513-244-4949.

  How do I get started?
Please email the Wellness Center at Wellness.Center@msj.edu or call 513-244-4949 to schedule an appointment.  Before coming to your appointment, please complete the Confidentiality and Informed Consent form and the Medical History form, both can be completed electronically here.
  I am seeking virtual medical services.




The Mount proudly partners with Anthem Student Advantage.  LiveHealth Online.  provides virtual medical support 24/7.  Cost for these services will depend on individual Health Insurance plan and rates.

 Services available include:

  • Urgent/Acute virtual medical care

Visit LiveHealth Online. to learn more about services and rates and schedule a virtual visit.

  Student Health Insurance
Your health and wellbeing are important to your academic success. That’s why Mount St. Joseph University requires that all full time students are automatically enrolled in the Anthem Student Advantage medical plan unless adequate proof of coverage is provided.

Please contact the Wellness Center at 513.244.4949 or Wellness.Center@msj.edu if you have additional questions.

Check out Joe Lion's visit to the Wellness Center below, and learn about the resources available to you!
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Crisis Resources

  Crisis Hotline

If you are experiencing an emergency, call campus police by dialing “0” on any campus phone, or dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


988 National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Dial the number 988 on your phone to contact the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.  The Lifeline provides 24/7 free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for your or your loved ones. Find more information on the 988 Crisis Hotline here.


On Demand 24/7 Emotional Support

Connect with TalkNow using the TimelyCare App for 24/7, on demand emotional support to talk about anything, including anxiety, relationship, depression, and school-related stressors.

  Survivors of Sexual Violence

MSJ Wellness Center

On campus confidential counseling services are available at the Wellness Center.  To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please call 513-244-4949 or email the Wellness Center at Wellness.Center@msj.edu


Women Helping Women (WHW)

This is an off-campus resource that states on their website WHW helps survivors find hope, healing, and empowerment through our confidential support services. We inspire the community to speak out against gender-based violence, and speak up for equal and healthy relationships. We educate and advocate that generations after us grow into change agents to prevent gender-based violence before it ever starts.


Visit the WHW website here.


MSJ Title IX/Sexual Violence Policies and Resources

The Title IX pamphlet is a comprehensive resource that provides information about the University’s policy and on and off campus resources.


  I'm feeling overwhelmed, and/or distressed, and I'm not sure what to do.

We want to help you. 


Please contact the Wellness Center. The counselors in the Wellness Center can assist you to develop and plan and inform you of campus resources to help you get back on track.


Take the first step by calling us at 513-244-4949 or by emailing the Wellness Center at Wellness.Center@msj.edu


Meet Our Staff

Jaimi Cabrera

Patsy Schwaiger

Molly McDaniel

Sarah Rank

Peggy Welge