Apply for Art & Design Scholarships at Mount St. Joseph University

High school seniors have the chance to showcase their art skills to win an Art & Design Scholarship to Mount St. Joseph University.


How to Apply:

Step One:  To be eligible for a scholarship, high school seniors must apply and be admitted to the Mount. All application fees are waived until December 1, 2020. Any application after that date (and by the portfolio deadline of Jan. 15, 2021) should use the promo code ART20 for a waiver of the application fee. Click here to apply. 

Step Two:  Create your portfolio package.

1.  A portfolio of 8 digital images of your best work. The work should demonstrate innovation and originality in content, style, and technique.  Portfolio submissions must be on a flashdrive; labeled with your name, address, e-mail, and school name. Note: Be sure to check your flashdrive on a different computer than your own to make sure your images appear. The inability of the jurors to see the electronic images will disqualify the portfolio.

2.  A typed 200 word essay articulating your reasons for wanting to study art and design at the Mount. Indicate the areas of study you are most interested in pursuing. Include your name, address, e-mail, and school name on the document.

3.  A letter of recommendation from your high school art teacher or another instructor.

4.  A typed inventory list corresponding to the art and design works included in the digital portfolio.  Please list the title, media, and date of each piece.

5.  A copy of your high school transcript.

Step Three:  Mail or drop off Your Portfolio Package to the Department of Art & Design, ATTN: John Griffith, Chair, Art & Design.  All items are due by January 15, 2020. The portfolios will be juried by Mount Department of Art & Design faculty. Notifications will be sent by March 1st. 


Art & Design Scholarships

The chosen applicants will earn one of the following four year renewable scholarships:

  • Fine Arts Scholarship – two at $2,000 and two at $1,500
  • Moore-Eckel Scholarship – $1,500
  • John Nartker Scholarship – $1,000

To be eligible for a scholarship, high school seniors must apply and be admitted to the Mount.

Learn more about scholarship criteria and other scholarships offered through the Mount.



For more information about the Art & Design Scholarships please contact: 

John Griffith
Department of Art and Design
Mount St. Joseph University
5701 Delhi Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45233