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Undergraduate Admission Counselors for High School Students

Our undergraduate admission counselors travel throughout the fall and spring. Check out our travel schedule to see when we will be visiting your high school or city!


Peggy Minnich

TITLE: Dean of Admission 
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Cincinnati, OH – Mother of Mercy High School
ALMA MATER: Mount St. Joseph University, 1986;  Mount St. Joseph University, MSOL 2004
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Co-op work experience at Procter & Gamble headquarters, downtown Cincinnati location, in the marketing research department
FAVORITE SPOT IN CINCINNATI: Standing at the overlook in Devou Park and looking at our beautiful city and all the wonderful people & opportunities it represents.
ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: Be willing to take risks and never stop learning.
FAVORITE TV SHOW: Dateline or any type of murder mystery


Amy Gamble

TITLE: Associate Director of Admission
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Cincinnati, OH – Seton High School
ALMA MATER: Mount St. Joseph University, 2006
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Participating in an off-campus internship that gave me the opportunity to branch out and learn some good life and career lessons.
FAVORITE SPOT ON CAMPUS: The Mater Dei Chapel with its stained glass windows.
ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: Smile and say “Hi” to people you pass along the way. It’s a simple act of kindness, and you never know how it could positively impact a person’s day.
FAVORITE QUOTE: “Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.” – Emily  Dickinson


Travis Callahan

TITLE: Assistant Director for Traditional Recruitment
RECRUITMENT TERRITORY: Warren & Clinton counties in OH; all other states outside of OH, KY, IN
ALMA MATERS: Anderson University, 2004
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Lebanon, OH – Lebanon High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Traveling with Athletes in Action one summer to Ecuador.
FAVORITE SPOT ON CAMPUS: My favorite spot on campus would be the Quad on a nice sunny day.
CLASS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: Not necessarily a class but my college football coach had a huge impact on my life. He taught me about servant leadership and I have really used that more than anything else in my life. Through those experiences in college it lead me to be a servant leader and give back what I have been given.
FUN FACT: I didn't eat chicken until I was an adult which is crazy because now that is one of my favorite things to eat.


Isaiah "Izzy" Corso-Phinney

TITLE: Admission Counselor
RECRUITMENT TERRITORY: West, North Western, North Eastern, South Eastern Ohio; Cleveland and Toledo.
ALMA MATER: The College of Wooster, 2020
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Mansfield, OH – St. Peter’s High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Studying Abroad in Scotland at the University of Aberdeen.
ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: Ask! Ask! Ask! Don’t be afraid to ask a question, regardless of the subject. Deciding on a college or their next step in Higher Education is one of the biggest decisions a student will make.


Zach Hulsman

TITLE: Admission Counselor
ALMA MATER: University of Cincinnati, 2018
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Cincinnati, OH – Oak Hills High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: My freshman learning community; a group of students in my major who were in the same group of classes the first semester, and met once a week for the first semester to help each other out and make sure things were going smoothly as we transitioned into college life.
FAVORITE SPOT IN CINCINNATI: Cincinnati Museum Center (Union Terminal)
ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: You're never alone! No matter how difficult or overwhelming your situation may seem, always reach out. There are people who have been in your shoes and people who can help you out. You can always get help facing your challenges when you need it!
FUN FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I'm a total nerd for all things international! I study languages in my free time (I can speak 4, almost 5), and I can label every country on a blank map.


Lakyn Hupp

TITLE: Admission Counselor
ALMA MATERS: Morehead State University, 2021
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Seaman, OH - North Adams High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: My best college experience was doing the Disney College Program!
FAVORITE SPOT IN CINCINNATI: I love the Cincinnati Zoo, especially at Christmas time!
ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: Don't allow the comfort of your present reality stop you from striving to be more in the future. Experiment and fail often. Aim to live a bold life without regrets.
FAVORITE QUOTE: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."


Undergraduate Admission Counselors for Transfer and Adult Students

Our undergraduate admission counselors for transfer and adult students travel throughout the year. Check out our travel schedule HERE to see when we will be visiting your college/university, community college, or city!


Amy Wolf

TITLE: Assistant Director for Adult and Transfer Recruitment
RECRUITS: Adult and Transfer Students
ALMA MATER: Indiana University-South Bend, IN, 2004
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: South Bend, IN – Clay High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Cheering in college allowed me to continue what I enjoyed doing after high school and it allowed me to get more involved on my college campus. I was able to meet many new friends through this experience. 
FAVORITE SPOT IN CINCINNATI: All the parks, especially the soccer parks. My kids play club soccer and that is where we spend a lot of our family time. Cincinnati has some great parks and facilities!
CLASS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE:  I always have said it was my public speaking class that made a positive impact on my career. It taught me how to be prepared, organized and confident. Though I dreaded it at the time, I know it helped me grow as an individual.  
FAVORITE SONG: “Soulshine” – Warren Haynes


Hannah Schiering

TITLE: Adult and Transfer Admission Counselor and Transcript Analyst
RECRUITS: Adult and Transfer Students
ALMA MATER: Ohio University, 2022
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Cincinnati, OH- Oak Hills High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Having a campus job! I became extremely close with my coworkers and was able to strengthen my resume. 
CLASS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: Organizational Communication. It helped me develop great personal and business skills!
FAVORITE SONG: These Words - Natasha Bedingfield 


Graduate Admission Counselors

Our graduate admission counselors travel throughout the year. Check out our travel schedule HERE to see when we will be visiting your college/university, community college, or city!


Andrew Hoelmer, MS, MSOL

Assistant Director for Graduate Admission

Admission Areas: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Graduate Business Programs



Allison Kennedy, MA

Graduate Admission Counselor/Transcript Analyst

Admission Areas: Graduate Nursing Programs; MSN, DNP and MAGELIN (direct-entry MSN)



Bethany Spencer, MSc

Graduate Admission Counselor/Transcript Analyst

Admission Areas: Physician Assistant Studies, Master of Speech-Language Pathology