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Life's Little Aha Moments

By Jackiedra Wilson, Dateline Alum '98

It’s hard to believe that 2023 marks 25 years since I graduated from The Mount. I have vivid memories of things I experienced during undergrad and in this same breath, so much has changed for me personally and professionally. Here are four samples of life’s aha moments that I’ve reflected on recently. Read more.


What Being Catholic is Really Like

By Brinna Otto

Many people think Catholicism is Bible study every morning at 6, church every Sunday, talking to and serving the homeless whenever we see someone on the street, and living life without a care in the world. Unfortunately, that is only the highlight reel of the faith. Read more.


Mount Alum-Turned-Minister Leads Others to God the Same Way He Was Led

By Will C. Sack

In his junior year of high school, Jimmy Maupin experienced a pull to something—a gravity that oriented him in a particular direction. Only, he couldn’t tell which. Unfortunately, as is eventually understood by all, the calls of destiny aren’t always as clear as compasses. Read more.


When Spring Break is Not a Break But a Workfest

 By V. Robinson

Camp AJ is enveloped in a mountainous backdrop, with young, pencil-thin trees hiking up and down its serrated ridge. Upon venturing onto these premises, I realized that their expectations for us were twofold. We would labor at construction sites for eight hours at a time, and maintain a steady undercurrent of youth pastor energy upon returning to our lodging at Camp AJ. Read more.


Wishbone Tavern: Serving More Than Just Good Eats

By Emily Gantner

Are you tired of cafeteria food? Are you looking for something different? Are you looking for somewhere to watch the game? I have the perfect place for you! It’s affordable, close by, and delicious. You’ve probably even driven by every time you’ve gone to Chipotle. It’s the one and only Wishbone Tavern! Read more.