Through private lessons, class experiences, chamber ensembles and master classes the Academy offers a variety of experiences for all abilities. 

The Music Academy is proud to offer the Department of Music’s 70+ years of experience as well as talented and renowned faculty. Participants will enjoy the personal attention and quality that are hallmarks of learning at the Mount.

What is offered?

Private lessons

The Music Academy offers private instruction on all instruments on a weekly basis given by the faculty of Mount St. Joseph University. 

Visit the academic calendar.

Music lessons can begin at anytime during the semester or summer.  Please contact at anytime to begin your lessons. 

How to make payments

There are two options to make your lesson payments:

  • Pay the total amount at the beginning of the semester at your first lesson. Print and bring a copy of the MSJU Academy Registration Form to your first lesson.
  • Two payments broken in half. Once at the beginning of the semester before your first lesson, and the second payment by mid-term. There is a $10 fee for splitting payment.

Please include the $20 registration fee on your first payment. 

Contact information

For more information or to sign up, please contact:

Mark McCafferty
Music Department Chair