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The Department of Exercise Science and Integrative Health will discontinue enrolling students in the Health and Wellness major beginning Fall 2021.   Students interested in health and wellness should visit the Health and Exercise Science program page to find out more information about our Clinical Exercise Science, Sports Performance and Active Aging, and Health Promotion concentration areas.


The Health and Wellness major is an excellent choice for students pursuing careers that promote optimal health, health behavior change, and high quality of life for all individuals.  Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process that encompasses physical fitness, diet, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment to achieve and individual's desired goals. Examining health and well-being from a multi-dimensional lens prepares students to become clinicians and enter graduate level healthcare and professional schools.  


Students explore the seven dimensions of wellness (emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual) in various departments at the University as they pursue a focused area of study.  Students are advocates for increased physical activity, improved dietary choices, community engagement and spirituality to prevent chronic illness and promote healthy lifestyle behaviors. Graduates prepare to serve others and address the factors responsible for health inequities in our communities.


The mission of the Health and Wellness major is to graduate highly skilled and well-equipped students for entry into professional practice or graduate study in health and wellness professional schools. 


Climb Higher Series | Health and Exercise Science - Hear directly from our faculty about course offerings, program-specific details, and professional development opportunities. 


Featured Courses:


  • Epidemiology of Physical Activity and Health
  • Health & Wellness Assessment and Programming
  • Health Promotion and Health Systems
  • Health Psychology
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Human Nutrition

Program Outcomes:

Students completing the Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness will be able to:


  • Assess individual and community factors affecting health, well-being, and quality of life
  • Design solutions to multi-faceted health and wellness problem using evidence based practices
  • Develop a personal wellness philosophy, develop an on-going action plan, and serve as a role model to others
  • Identify and communicate with governmental, for-profit and non-profit stakeholders seeking to improve population health
  • Undertake advanced work in health and wellness industry, government agencies, graduate or professional school.

Career Potential:

Health and wellness professionals work in a variety of settings and industries depending on their specialization area. Possible career choices include:

  • Not-for-profit community agencies
  • Case managers
  • Health advocates
  • Fitness and wellness centers
  • Wellness coach, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, group exercise instructor
  • Small and large businesses
  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales
  • Corporate wellness programming.

Graduates are well-prepared for admission to professional schools in the health sciences (occupational therapy, physical therapy, public health, mental health counseling) with a strong foundation in the psychosocial and environmental determinants of health and health disparities. Students interested in preparing for a career in healthcare are encouraged to contact the Health Professions Advising Program Coordinator

All students are required to complete a minor in an area of specialization from the more than 30 minors offered at the Mount.   Students are encouraged to consider a minor that suits their career interests and aligns with a specific dimension of wellness.

For those interested in physical activity and exercise,  consider the  Exercise Science and Fitness minor.  If you are considering graduate or professional  school in the health sciences, you might consider a Biology minor as well.   If interested in a career in healthcare administration, why not complete a business administration minor?

See the complete list of the minors offered at the Mount and their corresponding dimension of wellness.

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