This program is for those who want to use their arts or sciences degree to teach grades 7-12.


We prepare students to teach, change lives, and impact communities. The Secondary Education Licensure Program is for students who are interested in teaching individuals in grades 7-12. Licensures are offered in biology/life science, chemistry, integrated language arts, integrated math, integrated science, and integrated social studies.

Secondary Education at the Mount

  Featured Courses

Students take courses in their selected subject area that satisfy licensure requirements. In addition, students take courses in pedagogy, which include the following:

  • Classroom Management
  • Introduction to Secondary Education
  • Service Learning: Human Exceptionalities
  • Teaching in an Inclusive Setting
  • Technology in the Classroom.
  Potential Careers

Students who complete licensure in secondary education (referred to as AYA by the state of Ohio) receive a Resident Educator License which is valid for four years. With this license, a graduate can become a teacher for grades 7-12 in any public or private school in the state of Ohio. Many teachers with Secondary Education licensure lead extracurricular activities, including clubs, service organizations, and interscholastic sports.

Over time, Secondary Education teachers can take positions of leadership within a school, such as:

  • Curriculum coordinator
  • Department chair
  • Educational administrator
  • Lead teacher.

Over time, early childhood teachers can take positions of leadership within a school, such as lead teacher, department chair, curriculum coordinator, and educational administration.

  Real-World Experience

Field experiences begin in the sophomore year, with a service learning experience in an area school. This continues into the junior year, when students take a practicum in a student’s chosen content area. During the senior year, students complete a second practicum experience, followed by a student teaching experience in the subsequent semester.

  Liberating Professional Education

Nearly any college or university can help you plan for your first job after graduation. We prefer the long-term approach. A liberal arts education at Mount St. Joseph University prepares you for a lifetime of learning and career successes. Our smaller class sizes and supportive environment enable you to thrive as you define your impact on the world. You will “learn how to learn” as you build the skillsets of the future: critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, digital literacy, and entrepreneurism.

Student Voices

“The Education Department is a family. Everyone truly cares about each other and the success of their students. I know I can go to the Education Department for a friendly smile. I can honestly say that going to the Mount and being an Education major has been the best decision of my life.” – Sarah Campbell ’19


The BE THE CHANGE program at Mount St. Joseph University is designed to make earning a bachelor’s degree and teaching license more accessible for those who already have already completed two years (or equivalent) of higher education coursework at a community college. Learn more about BE THE CHANGE here.

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  Faculty and Staff

Harrison Collier
Undergraduate Chair- School of Education Director of Clinical Experiences, Assessment Coordinator


Laura Saylor
Dean of Education and an Associate Professor


Michael Bindis 
Associate Professor and Program Director

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