Whether they study mathematics, graphic design, or biology, cooperative education helps students integrate real-world experience with classroom learning.

Learn more about some of our students’ experience with cooperative education in their own words.

Accounting Co-op at Messer Construction

“My co-op experience has helped me to devote more focused time to studying and allowed me to be more disciplined in the classroom. I realized how important time management was in the business world and decided to apply it to my personal life. The longer I was at Messer the more I saw the value of working harder in the classroom, I wanted to show Messer I could rise to the top by working for it.” Brandon Michael, Accounting major, class of 2016

Student Research Assistant Co-op at Wood Hudson

“Co-op hasn’t only been the personalized attention and hands on experience I could add to my resume instead I have seen the passion in the people who work at the lab who truly love what they do. Their passion has really driven me to pursue a career that I feel makes a difference and am truly happy. I plan to stay at Wood Hudson post-graduation to further my research knowledge and hands on experience.” Mariah Dooley, Biology major, class of 2016

Paralegal Assistant Co-op at Gregory S. Young Co. LPA

“I believe from my co-op experience I have gained many skills one can only gain if they go out into the real world and work. My networking skills have improved as I am getting to know people in the legal field and these relationships are already having an impact on my career. I think my co-op experience has enhanced my college learning experience by allowing me to do what I am taught in the classroom with my own hands.” Johnnay Benefield, Paralegal Studies major, class of 2016

Service Learning Co-op at MSJ

“My co-op experience has given me the tools to work in a professional setting. It has provided me with access to professional knowledge that I may not have had an opportunity to discover otherwise during my college career.” Molly Brauch, Religious Studies major, class of 2017

Service Learning Co-op at MSJ

“My co-op has given me a lot of great insight into the professional world. Not only how to act and dress in a professional setting but also work experience. The Career Center has shown me how to develop my skills and how beneficial networking and co-oping is. Through this experience I know that I can rely on all that I’ve learned in the future.” Riley Ferguson, Communications & New Media Studies major, class of 2019

Career and Experiential Education Center Co-op at MSJ

“Co-op has allowed me to build my resume with work experience and the development of professional skills. I’ve used this opportunity to explore a possible career path for my future and gained insight into how this professional setting works. This has allowed me to reassure myself that I am obtaining the right degree to work in a field that I love. I believe this experience will give me a competitive edge when applying to graduate school or professional employment.” Emma Sule, English major, class of 2018

Graphic Design Co-op at MSJ

“Co-op has given me a glimpse into my field and shown me what to expect when I join the professional workforce. This helped clear up any misconceptions about the graphic design field and positions that I am pursuing.” Jacob Glass, Graphic Design Co-op, class of 2018