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Experiential Credit Opportunity

Travel study helps you better understand an increasingly global culture. We offer long-term and short-term study abroad opportunities. These options may qualify for experiential (EXP) credit, which is a core graduation requirement. To find out more, contact the Career & Experiential Education Center at or call 513-244-4888.


Study Abroad 

Studying abroad allows Mount students to experience the world, lending a global perspective and providing valuable opportunities for personal growth. We offer two options for travel abroad: long-term, traditional study abroad and short-term travel study. 

Find out more about study abroad on the Study Abroad FAQ page.



Students who travel abroad gain a wider perspective and an open mind about different cultures. In addition to providing opportunities for personal growth, travel study programs foster awareness and respect for cultural, political, environmental, and social issues. A student’s self-confidence and independence matures while studying in new locations. Travel study experiences can be beneficial to students as they explore career paths.


Which Program is Right for You?

Consider the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) program if you:

• Desire to intern or study internationally for fall, spring, or summer term in one of
about 16 countries. Long- and short-term opportunities available.
• Are studying a foreign language.
• Have an interest in meeting people from around the world.

Consider an MSJ Travel Study program* if you:

• Wish to study abroad for a week or two, over the summer, or during spring break.
• Find in-depth study of a specific topic appealing.
• Are open to international or domestic travel.
Consider the Cultural Immersion program* if you:
• Desire to incorporate a service component with your learning.
• Have an interest in social justice issues.
• Are open to affordable domestic travel.
*Scholarship and student financing available.


Cultural immersion

If you’re looking for a service component to your learning, the Department of Religious and Pastoral Studies organizes cultural immersion courses. The courses offer field experiences in places including the Appalachian Mountains, the Red Cloud Mission, S.D., and Cherokee, N.C.

Find out more about cultural immersion.

Travel Study Experiences

  Available Locations

Appalachia, U.S.
Cherokee, N.C.
Florida Keys
New York City
South America
Washington, D.C.