LeaderTrek: Your Leader Development Lab

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Coming to college is loaded with change, and change is challenging. In the School of Business, LeaderTrek helps you navigate change, build your skills, and prepare you for your career. You will begin LeaderTrek in your first year at the Mount. You'll build your leadership capacity, beginning with leading yourself.

MSJ Business Students Climb Higher as Leaders
Collaborative Mentorship Program for Leader Development
LeaderTrek Mentors Light the Way for Future Leaders

LeaderTrek is available to all business majors.

-Engage your whole person development while shaping your academic program and extra-curricular engagements.

-Develop your skills in collaborative learning as part of a student cohort.

-Map your personalized professional development journey.

LeaderTrek is an immersive opportunity for students to engage with intention in leader development at the Mount, supporting their professional launch as leaders.

You’ll work with an Experience Coach on campus from the School of Business who will get to know you and support your LeaderTrek journey!

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Joshua Gutekunst, School of Business Student

“Most meaningfully to me, LeaderTrek provided me with the necessary tools and confidence to make deliberate choices about my academic experience through the application of effective self-leadership skills. Moreover, LeaderTrek enabled me to collaborate and engage with my peers within a cohort setting, connect with a mentor in my field of study, and develop a personal relationship with an experience coach—providing me with valuable social and networking connections that I will maintain throughout my time at MSJ. Overall, I am grateful for my overwhelmingly positive experience with LeaderTrek.”